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Peter Lowell’s Restaurant, 7385 Healdsburg Ave #101, Sebastopol, CA 95472

enjoying the car ride
Heather along Highway 1 north of San Francisco
We are en-route to New Zealand with a very small window of time in the San Francisco area. Our mission is to sample as many high quality espresso bars, eat great food and experience the arts and culture. Fortunately Dr.Coffee had been to Sebastopol years before and had the “BEST” pizza in the world there. So, as strange as it may seem, we got in the car, after a glorious lingering pause at Sightglass Coffee and drove out of SF as fast as possible, over the Golden Gate Bridge, then averaging 15 mph and slowly winding our way up #1 to Sebastopol. One of the most scenic drives of ocean and rolling country side in the USA. Going to Lowell’s for lunch was delightful! The service is superb and friendly. The outside patio comfortable with the sun pouring in. The espresso that they pull, roasted by Four Barrel – MAGNIFIQUE… Balanced, bright, sweet cherry, carbonated, slightly ashy… and the Pizza..OMG!!!

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