Nestled in the heart of downtown Zurich, Ma Me Café is really for coffee enthusiasts.  This café stands out not only for the quality of its superb brews but also for its deep-rooted dedication to the art and science of coffee-making. Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting Ma Me Café. Our visit began with a sampling of their espresso made from a unique blend of washed and fermented Colombian beans. This choice of bean was excellent: the coffee was bright, slightly fruity, and absolutely delicious.

In addition to their outstanding coffee, Ma Me Café offers a matcha gluten-free roll. This pastry, much like their coffee, was crafted to perfection. The matcha provided a subtle yet distinct flavour that complemented the light, airy texture of the roll. For those seeking gluten-free options, this roll is a must-try.

They have 3 locations in Zurich

You can learn where they are and more about them here:

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