Cafe Nation Barista Burt

A Wonderfully designed and layed out cafe. Three separate floors, each with a separated but integrated feeling in the cafe— you can be at the bar and fully engaged with others or in the back of the place with privacy. 

Tasted two espressos. The feature for the day was El Progresso, El Tunel, La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvadore. Beautiful aroma of fruity vanilla perfumes, tasting acidic, pumpkin pie, turkey roasted sage, slight bitter grapefruit and quinine. Also hints of grass, earth and vanilla, but mostly as an aftertaste. 
The second espresso was a 50/50 blend of Colombia and Guatemala. It had a pleasant dry mouth feel, tastes of bitter orange and a honey chocolate aftertaste. Wafting through in aroma and taste was fine herbs de Provence. 
All coffees served were Arabica! The Latte art was excellent and creative and the Barista is more then willing to be open, friendly and generous with their time and knowledge, which I deeply enjoy and look forward to more experiences like this!
Wifi is offered freely as well as the friendliness of the Barista’s!

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