Spacious, clean, new-ish… yet hollow of any substance in the espresso department. When we entered the Hotel there was a beautiful smell of fresh blueberries and then we went into the Cafe and smelt the common scent of ground coffee beans. Unfortunately the espresso macchiato that was served to us was powdery, dry, flat, slightly burnt and only made better when we added whipped cream to it. This was a good cup! When you have good quality beans, grinder and espresso machine, then there is not much that needs to be done to make a good to excellent cup of coffee: except attention by the barista!We have learn’t: to be able to drink a bad coffee, add a dollop of cream. And the antidote for a bad cup is to drink a good one!

Hopefully more cafes will take up the study and craft of espresso based drinks using international standards rather then ritualistic coffee brewing methods that have been handed down through the generations without question or inquiry into whether or not these traditional methods are any good!  

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