The full Galiano Coffee Lab team was together in India. We stayed at the MET in New Delhi for a few nights. Each morning we would gather in the cafe/restaurant in the main foyer. On the menu is what they call an “espresso” from a Lavazza pod style machine. It is our belief through experience that many cafes are now touting espresso but are not actually making one! Somehow, cafes have been convinced, either through trickery or a lack of knowledge that putting (old) already prepared ground coffee in a pod capsule and into a machine and pressing a button is now called espresso. Whatever happened to the craft and enjoyment of learning all the necessary steps in creating a great cup of coffee/espresso? 
The so called espresso that was served was an over-roasted, burnt tasting gut and throat burning coffee topped with over whipped milk that you can’t get past your lips since it is so airy! We tried many times to lend a bit of knowledge to the staff, but the pride that comes from pushing a button for espresso was too much for any of us to be permitted to enter the kitchen. 

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