“Something is really amiss when we can make a better cup of espresso and espresso machiatto or cappuccino from a CND$80 stove top Bialetti Brikka (well tamped!) than 90% of the coffee’s we get served from cafes with either a manual espresso machine or an automated machine, most often with a high end professional grinder (most often set to the wrong grind). Of course we are using really high quality and well roasted beans (New Year’s morning coffee was 10% El Salvador Alaska Finca (roasted by Discovery-Victoria), 30% Piendamo, Columbia (Intelligentsia), 30% Minais Gerias, Brazil, Fadenza Samam Baje, Yellow Burbon Peaberry (Galiano Coffee Lab), and 30% Hawaiian Red Catuai, Lava Java (Galiano Coffee Lab)…yet we are travelling with $60 Hario hand grinder (excellent travel grinder bye the way) and a milk frother!” LM 

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