Sunday morning and we find ourselves at Old Rock Cafe in Sudbury. A small roaster/cafe that by first glance seems to offer up to 45 different coffee roasts! I hope to return for another visit to find out exactly how many roasts they offer and what types. Nonetheless, lots to choose from! 
We had a single shot espresso with the same amount of milk; a kind of Cortado-like drink. The Barista tells me he is the son of the Master Roaster – his Mom- lovely! The espresso is a blend of 4 coffee regions, as far as I can remember him saying: Yemen, Brazil, Ethiopia and ?… Regardless of the blend, it was made with care, with a predominant barley taste, aromas of earth and grasses abound, a thin-body coffee – leaving an aftertaste of cigarette and ash. It was unique to my tastes and palette. 

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