Ricardo Pokorny, the owner of the finca and 4th generation of coffee growers and roasters, gave us an in-depth tour of his estate starting with the history of coffee to viewing all the machinery and walking the deck to see the sun-drying green beans. He was very generous with his knowledge and time, unlike some of our experiences in Europe where the cafe owners don’t even want to tell you which part of the world the beans they are using are from just in case you are doing some kind of espionage for a coffee house or something! In general it has been refreshing to be in Guatemala and to see and meet so many smily friendly people. If you ever have the opportunity to tour an estate, then I highly recommend going to the Azotea Coffee Estate. …
At the Azotea cafe we were treated to an excellently prepared espresso and cortado by Miguel Angel. Miguel seems eager and well practised when it comes to making and serving coffee. He is keen to learn more and more about coffee and is also a tour guide for the estate.The coffee was chocolate-ly with a hint of grapefruit rind, cherry and tobacco ash; a very good cup!

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