2 x- chocolate like many Chiapas, Mexican coffees we have tasted, very base, not so acidic, few fruit flavours, cigarette-ash, sweet
Hans roasted it. Posato Jabalito – Hotel/restaurant
Upon trying Hans roasted Finca Zorn beans (from our friend Thilda’s garden in Santa Cruz la Laguna) I became very hopeful, that we had found our possible base note for the perfectly balanced Guatemalan espresso blend. But as you will see in our next post, we tried the blend and it wasn’t to meet our expectations or hopes! Since there is only 5 lbs of Finca Zorn produced each year and all have been roasted, it will be difficult for us to speculate, but I hope that with a lighter roasting of the beans this could be in fact the base note we are looking for – until next year!

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