Cutting a coffee bean
The Bean Cutter

We are finding it crucial to dose espresso using exact Mass Of Beans (MOB). 
To this end, we have begun counting beans using our Bean Accounting Procedures (BAPS).
A major challenge in achieving the desired precision has been occurring when non-integer bean sums (NIBS) are required.
The answer to our sleepless nights came in a dream (somewhat paradoxically). 
Yet again, it was a nightmare of the shower scene in Scarface; only instead of mobsters, this time Al Pacino was sawing up coffee beans.
making a cut on a coffee seed
Making the Cut
Upon waking, and as I tore through the pages of Freud, the meaning of the dream eluded me. But later, while reading the latest new-ageing self-helpless guidebook, “Advanced Blindfulness Curriculum- An ABC of Learning To Stand On Your Own Two Shoelaces” I stumbled on the answer and twisted my ankle. Fortunately, the chainsaw wasn’t running the time- unfortunately, it’s still not running, so we have settled for the using the diamond blade in a Saw Of Diamond (SOD) Protocol (Pictured).


We employed the MOB to make better espresso with BAPS. The NIBS were a sticking point but the SOD cut right through them.

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