Martin Mayer

coffee blood


Schwalbacher Strasse 3

Martin Mayer, barista and owner of Molino is warm and friendly person, open to discussing his cafe’s coffee, as well as sharing some views on Germany’s coffee scene.
His espresso roast is a blend of 6 beans- the result being complex, subtle, sweet chocolate flavours; wonderfully acidic, giving forth a melody of citrus and fruit notes. A seriously good cafe, striving for the brilliant possibilities that good sourced beans and medium roasted, holds and can be released with a skilled barista using first rate equipment (Molino is a La Marzocco dealer!). This is third wave coffee at it’s best!
He also served us the very last beans of a single origin Indian from Has Been roasters in England with a pronounced blueberry note. It was such a pleasure to taste a single origin espresso so rich in complexity.
Just thirty minutes from the airport, Wiesbaden provides a reason for choosing to fly in and out of Europe via Frankfurt.

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