Ark Coffee Roaster Auckland New Zealand

ARK CoffeeShop 6, 461 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland, NZ

Ordering coffee
Everything has it’s place in this roastery/cafe: clean, organized, efficient and above all else — excellent quality. We were served a Costa Rican espresso and cortado by Ulala Ukama whom won 2nd place in the SCAJ 2010 Japan Barista competition. We did not miss the fact that Ms. Ukama was using a Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, the same machine used during the WBC. For us, this cafe and roastery is like a hidden jewel. One can feel it ooze excellence and refinement and utter dedication to the craft. And the proof is in wondrous coffee she pulled. It is certainly to be rated in the upper echelons of all NZ coffee and like Coffee Lab on the North Shore it is world-class. Will we be ordering their roasts…for sure! And not be missed in the splendor of coffee tasting is Ms. Ukama’s sister Naomi’s wonderful art exhibition. 
Tasting Wheel at ARK Coffee

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