Parlour Coffee Outside“We came, we looked, we searched with ardour.
At last our quest, found rest at Parlour.”
Parlour Coffee Inside
Image courtesy of Lynne Freeman

Perhaps because the prairies are far from shore, it has taken some time for the third wave of coffee to reach Manitoba- but here it is. The friendly staff at Parlour Coffee opened shop one year ago and have been serving high quality roasts to Winnipegites (or is that Winnipegetians?) ever since. Sporting a new La Marzocco, this downtown cafe is “currently grinding, dosing, tamping, pulling, dripping, serving and selling 49th Parallel, Phil & Sebastian, and Detour Coffee.” We tasted the Panama from Phil and Sebastian and were delighted by the astringent lemon mouth-puckering flavours. Such a pleasure to engage with staff who clearly love good coffee.

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