Rocanini Coffee Roaster SiphonRocanini Coffee Roaster Steveston British Columbia

Fresh (or rather…well, not) off a flight from Europe, and deprived of the black elixir (no espresso machines allowed on the flight it seems) since Wiesbaden (see cafe Molino), salvation came by the name of Rocanini. This cafe is located in Steveston, conveniently less than thirty minutes from the Vancouver airport.
Evan, the barista, served up feathery rosetted ‘piccolo lattes’, which quickly revived our coffee culture shock at relearning this local name for our beverage of choice, after a month of using the German name, ‘espresso macchiatos’.
We were treated to “Espresso #3″, a blend of what Dr. Coffee correctly divined to be Guatamalan, Peruvian and Brazilian beans. We were delighted to take away some beans to try at home.

Rocanini- almost reason enough to look forward to the next flight.

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