from above  Sightglass Coffee Bar & Roastery Feb.6/2013

Sightglass Coffee Bar & Roastery, 270 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

spacious, light filled bar/roastery with counters and a layout that flows like a gentle river.  We especially enjoyed having the roaster operating in the middle of the cafe while we were sipping espresso that is intriguingly bright with hints of nuttiness, chocolate and sweet cherry-cola…This is one of our favourite places yet, with the option of going upstairs for the coffee-bar tastings (espresso, drip or AeroPress) or staying downstairs for the Sightglass espresso blend (today a combination of Costa Rican, Guatemala and Ethiopia). Fantastic croissants!
Sightglass Coffee Bar & Roastery
bagging coffee

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