We found Blueorange in the downtown of Vienna. A slightly modern facility with Cimbali grinder and espresso machine. The Barista seemed open and interested in what we were hoping to drink, but unfortunately split our shot between two cups and ran it for over 40 seconds. Such a long shot can invariably produce nothing short of a watery shot and bitter grey flavours. So, up to the bar for a second try, this time the barista, again very open and friendly, made an espresso into one cup only and for only 20 seconds. Unfortunately the milk was the leftover milk in the container from a previous latte and was over-whipped. The Barista allowed for me to try and bring the milk back together, which is a seemingly impossible task at this point, but nonetheless we gave it a go and had a much better Espresso macchiato. Flavour notes are a little orange, sweetness and a touch of chocolate. 

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